Dear Customers,

As promised, we just wanted to update you with how the impact of the Corona Virus has affected our workshops and what we are doing to get back to normal as soon as possible.

Firstly, we would like to thank those customers who had workshops booked and also had pots and tiles to collect for their tremendous patience and support. We really appreciate that kindness and it will never be forgotten. We think you are incredible.

Now to business.

Posting Your Pottery : We have purchased a stock of packaging, so we are able to offer a postal service to our customers who had pots to be picked up. We do have to charge small amount of £5.50 for this service, as the cost of the postage and the packing materials were never factored into our original workshop prices. However, we have kept this to an absolute minimum and we hope you understand.

If you would like us to post your pots and tiles (if relevant), then just go to "Posting Your Potttery" page for more details and payment.

Vouchers:  All vouchers issued in lieu of missed workshops will be sent out by Monday 15th June.  If you haven't received your voucher(s) by that date then please can you let us know and we will resolve the situation immediately. These vouchers can be used to book any of our workshops as and when we can publish our new schedule for 2020.

Venue Update:  We are in discussions with our venues to ensure we re-commence our workshops as soon as we are able within Government guidelines.  We are lucky that some of our venues have significant outside spaces and so we might be able to ensure the 2m space rule.  We will keep you updated with any more news we have with regards to our venues.

Waiting List:  If you would like us to notify you when we have some spaces on one our workshops, please complete our simple "waiting list form" and we will automatically let you know.

As always we are here to answer any of your questions, so please contact us at for anything at all.

In the meantime, stay safe.

Katharine Tuohy
Pottery and Pints (Sussex) Co.


Pottery & Postage

Pottery and Postage

If you would like your pots (and tiles if relevant) to be posted out to you, then let us know.


Join Our waiting list

Why not join our waiting list and we can let you know when we have a match for your perfect workshop.  Enquire for just one person or group of people, let us know your preferred venue and any other information.



1. No refunds are given after a ticket has been booked and paid for. In some circumstances it may be able to postpone your workshop until a future date if there is availability.

2. In some exceptional circumstances and due to the nature of the craft, some pots may not be 100% acceptable to our quality team. In these cases we will offer one of the following:

a) Discount to the value of £10 per pot
b) Invitation to another workshop of customer's choice and date

3. One of the important processes is making sure the pots are dry enough to allow them to be kiln fired. The waiting time taken can vary, but we will not fire any of our customers pots until we deem them ready for the first firing. Please allow between 3 and 4 weeks for your pots to be returned to the venue which is enough time for us to ensure that the finishing process is carried out to the best of our ability and we can limit the amount of pottery "casualties". We hope you understand that this is very important.