Shimpo Table Top Wheel

Shimpo Tabletop Throwing Wheel with Foot Pedal control Choosing the right wheel Shimpo tabletop wheels are excellent for beginners and for those needing portability. However some potters may find that a standard Shimpo fits their needs better. We recommend you try out the tabletop wheel in our showroom in Stoke (or at an authorised Potclays agent's showroom). Please contact us for more details. 7004-RK5TF- Shimpo RK5TF Aspire Potter's Throwing Wheel – Foot pedal The Shimpo RK5TF Aspire tabletop potter’s throwing wheel is one of the most versatile wheels on the market today offering a high performance in a tiny package. The RK5TF Aspire can handle your most creative challenges. Its lightweight, compact design makes it easily portable yet its 9kg (20lb) centring capability makes it a permanent addition to any studio or classroom. The RK5TF is supplied with a splashpan and two plastic bats. The Shimpo RK5TF features the following: Electronic Controller - Actively maintains your desired speed Reversibility: Accommodates right and left-hand users Built-in area for tools and pots Very low operating costs One-piece moulded splashpan to eliminate leakage. Two year warranty for peace of mind The Shimpo Whisper RK5TF potter's wheel features Remote cast alloy footpedal Light alloy cast 7”pinned wheelhead Drive capable of centring up to 10kg of clay Motor The Shimpo RK5TF Tabletop Potter's Wheel features a capable 1/8HP (100W) motor (AC230V 50Hz single phase) Drive System: DC Motor with brush Speed Control: Cast alloy remote pedal Wheelhead Speed: 0-230RPM Wheelhead Direction: Clockwise/counter Wheelhead: 178mm/7”” light alloy casting with bat pins & 2 plastic bats Dimensions W365 x D515 x H230mm Ship weight 12kg

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