1. No refunds are given after a ticket has been booked and paid for. In some circumstances it may be able to postpone your workshop until a future date if there is availability.

2. In some exceptional circumstances and due to the nature of the craft, some pots may not be 100% acceptable to our quality team. In these cases we will offer one of the following:

a) Discount to the value of £10 per pot
b) Invitation to another workshop of customer's choice and date

3. One of the important processes is making sure the pots are dry enough to allow them to be kiln fired. The waiting time taken can vary, but we will not fire any of our customers pots until we deem them ready for the first firing. Please allow between 3 and 4 weeks for your pots to be returned to the venue which is enough time for us to ensure that the finishing process is carried out to the best of our ability and we can limit the amount of pottery "casualties". We hope you understand that this is very important.