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Pottery & Pints Kiln FIRING CLASSES

If you are working with clay but don't have the space (or the budget) for your own kiln then you can hire our studio kiln for a full load or just a few individual pieces. Due to the precarious nature of handmade ceramics, we are unable to mix customer pieces with our own.

The kiln is a Potterycrafts Eco Comet 60 Ltr
Firing Capacity: 60 litres (2.1 cu/ft).
Maximum Temperature: 1200°C (Cone 5.5)
Maximum Application Temperature:1180°c for long term and continuous use.
Chamber Dimensions: 400mm wide x 446mm deep

Firing costs (always a full load due to the precarious nature of handmade ceramics)

Full kiln
Bisque: £45
Earthenware: £55
Stoneware: £75    
Other : Please enquire via our contact form 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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