Where do I pick my pot(s) up from?

All the pots will be delivered back to the workshop venue that your workshop was held at for collection, unless you have specified postage at the time of the workshop.  Pots should be ready within three week for collection.

How long do I wait before I can collect my pots?

We always specify three week for the time taken to process the pots from workshop to delivery.  This allows for the pots to be suitably dry before they are kiln fired and then time is allowed for a further glaze firing.

Are my pots food safe?

YES!  All our glazes are non-toxic and lead free and specially designed to be used with food.  However, we strongly advise that the posts are washed in warm water and never put in a dishwasher as this can crack them.

Can I transfer my ticket to a friend if I can't attend?

YES.  It is entirely possible to transfer the name on the ticket to a friend but we would ask that you let us know by email at least 72 hours before a workshop so that we can change the attendee list.